Soma | Something About | Emolution | 4

Soma – Like apes screaming (1998)

Dazed selfish & violent

did you decide to join on your own,
didn't you want to have the power to kill?

why haven’t you thought of suicide?
I haven’t thought of killing myself
yourself, your small self -

you never ever thought to find your own
way to make it? proud of you
dazed selfish and violent,
it's sleeping, creeping out of us

found your god, made you blind,
to make your job, to make you kill,
made him proud
but what they’ll never know about,
your god ...

I found my way

I'm your god
took your conscience and your brain,
did wrek your heart,
crushed your soul
but what they'll never know about,
your god

killing human, dead machine, what for?
your head, warhead...
you're to small to make it,
all you've done to fake them
waiting for them, watching
and standing so close

would you ever? did you ever?
never get enough!


your true color lies within between
when you’re feeling black and then you’re feeling green
your body is blue and your heart is full
thoughts in troubles you cannot hide - them

you are just in another comic
you are just in another world
you are just in another boring comic
you are just in another dream

Your true color lies within between
when you're feeling freaked
and then you'll be feeling me
your mind is blue till you've rubbered through
thoughts in troubles you can' t go ? through
when you gave it all,
dealing for a piece of reality,
left your friends behind,
drifting in here silently,

let me guide you through,
I will give you a sense to live
you got a deal with me,
there's no return, no trading back

you gave it all away
give yourself away
sell your soul away
you give it all away

just for one little piece inside your - heart to hold on
now you’re feeling empty,
nothing will be like it was before
left your family,
leaving all just for one reality
you've just got one real color
you just saw another useless boring comic
you are just another boring comic figure -

Sophia's heroes

heroes told my father,
got no time for us
so far told me Sophia,
she’s been mistaken,
she said! not me!

waste my time alone again,
got no friends to tell
searching for some family,
she’s been mistaken

I want you to be mine,
I need to be myself sometimes
Sophia, do watch the truth,
heroes, no've got no time for you
release me, you’ll be mine,
lose or deal, it takes some time
Sophia, just watch and see,
heroes, they got no time to heal

Don’t you got've an excuse,
you don’t need to excuse

can’t you see that I’m in worries
don’t you see no need you're sorry
growing up, why that hurry
open eyes, I feel so sorry, no sorry
bang, you’re dead

they've got no, got no time to heal
give me some time for me
I want sometimes being me
I want some time for me

young and useDless

what you see is what is left of me
just a shadow of my own will
what you received still sticks behind your face
it isn't killing you it makes you strong
you are so young and innocent
you were afraid of dying
you never got the chance to be rescued from it all
he said it was his nature, he said it was his fault
he was too young to know it, you where so sweet
I will help you sleep at night
let these pictures disappear tear one after one
I will stay awake, I will never treat you
like they've beaten you that night
you where young not useless...
you where so sweet and cute
he was digging in me
you never thought of me, you never thought of my broken,
my broken child you where too young to be rescued from it all
feel so empty, victim cries
feel so empty, fear inside
couldn't kill him, know his name
I couldn't kill him, he's my best friend
all I knew, ‘t all was too frustrating
all about – to infinity
young and used less drifting apart from here...
feeling's just are good to prevent you from going mad
and you watching me go down
You where so young and innocent

nothing is cruel

nothing makes my life complete
nothing leads me through the crowds
have you ever thought about
have you thought about
for sure it may work easier
somehow, somewhere
some were trying to remember it nowhere
just say it, what it was ?

nothing is that beautiful
nothing brings me down
what is it all about
I’m sure you’ll find out much easier
somehow, sometime
frightened of, what it was
cruel rule my sense away ?
covers me away ?

nothing makes my life complete
nothing is cruel
nothing is you
nothing ever could be like you
when I started to ignore my own rules